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Self Portrait

Self Portrait


Acrylic on Canvas   2019

Original Painting  SOLD

Art Prints on Canvas or Glass available in S/M/L


My self-portrait didn’t involve a mirror or a photograph of me. Maybe because my looks change over time, or maybe because they are irrelevant to who I am. I am an Artist. And the artist in me had free reign to paint this portrait, where paint brushes sprout from my arms and color bursts loudly.


My head, however, is not where I expected it to be. It is perched beside my body, mixing colored paint with the music that will join it in a painting’s composition. I understand it though – my art comes from two places, sometimes as a joint effort and sometimes not. There are paintings planned in my head, already seen by my eyes before I even sit before a canvas. Others mix emotion and spontaneity with a planned theme or goal. I see it and plan it and change it as it grows. But some paintings, like this one, are not connected to my thoughts, to my vision or message. It comes purely from my body, from my arm speaking only to my heart. This painting is what it had to say.