Dancing Candles

Dancing Candles


Give your Shabbat Candles a perfect resting place on a beautiful high gloss metal tray featuring art by Jordana Klein. These unique trays come in two sizes, and coordinating blessings for Shabbat (available on canvas or metal) will help cerate a beautiful atsmosphere as you welcome Shabbat into your home.


Buy it for yourself as a special treat! It is also a wonderful gift for Engagement Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, Housewarming parties and more...


Made in Israel



  • Tray 11 Dancing Candles

  • Aluminum metal on 6mm pvc backing

    Wipes clean easily with moist wipe or microfiber cloth

  • Candlesticks available for Purchase

    To purchase candlesticks, click on Candlestick images in Trays for Shabbat Candles section or go to Knives & Candlesticks section in Judaica products