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Yelllow Flower

Yelllow Flower


Yellow Flower         2012


In this bold and flowing version of a yellow flower, patterns of shapes and shadows that flowed together in my mind. One color leading into the next, shapes and shadows that dance to music only they can hear. But my eyes "hear" the music, and the brush in my hand creates the lyrics.


Featuring Signed Artwork of Jordana Klein


S    16 x  24 Inches    $275

L     24 x 36 Inches    $400


6 mm tempered glass

Clean bottom with soft & dry microfiber cloth

Simple Installation for Hanging on Wall


One of my goals as an artist has been to create art that transcends the solidity of the canvas. Towards that goal, I began to paint on mirrors, which draw the viewer into the image itself. I also painted a series on glass, where many  areas were left uncovered, so the wall or environment where it is becomes a part of the art itself.

As I began to print my artwork onto glass for my Challah Trays, I noticed that the sparkle and reflection of my artwork that was within the glass, was exactly what I had been looking for.

A selection of my artwork is now available on 6mm tempered glass. The beveled edges serve as a “frame” and the easy to hang aluminum legs make this artwork the perfect choice for art lovers looking for unique and beautiful new types of art.


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