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Birkat Cohanim 2

Birkat Cohanim 2


You shall bless the children of Israel        Oil on Canvas   2003   Original Painting Sold           Art Prints available S/M/L


The Priests, or Kohanim, bless the people. Wrapped in their prayer shawls, they raise their hands in prayer, singing the prayer together as if one.


In this boldly abstracted depiction of the Priestly Blessing, the folds of the tallitot and the black stripes that adorn them flow into each other, intertwining each individual Kohan into one cohesive unit, reciting the blessing in the names of all.


Size & Pricing

+Limited Edition Small Print on Canvas* 16x24 inch / 40x60cm - $150

Limited Edition Medium Print on Canvas* 20x28inch / 50x70cm - $250

Limited Edition Large Print on Canvas* 28x24 inch / 40x60 - $300


*All print sizes are approximated and depend on the exact proportions of the picture



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