Splitting of Sea 6

Splitting of Sea 6


The LORD drove the sea back and turned it into dry land (Exodus 14) Acrylic on Canvas 2015 

Original Painting Sold             Art Prints available on Canvas or Glass S/M/L


It is said Throughout the books of the prophets that the Torah is like water, Just as water has the ability to convert desolate and nonproductive desert land into a veritable Garden of Eden, so too can Torah fill the void in our hearts and souls.


In this representation of the Splitting of the Sea, the focus is on the water itself. Hundreds, perhaps thousand, of waves and ripples had to change direction to open a path of escape from Egypt. The water here is so alive and powerful, and beautiful in it’s submission to God’s plea. The Torah is infinitely more powerful and beautiful, offering safe harbor to those who seek it.

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