Prayer at Kotel 3

Prayer at Kotel 3


Prayer at the Kotel  oil  on Canvas   2005  12*12 inch Original Painting  $800           

Art Prints available on Canvas or Glass


It can be difficult to separate spirituality from concrete objects or actions. In order to portray them together the sharp geometric representation of the Kotel is both square and solid. You can stand in front of it, touch it, and place your handwritten prayers within its cracks.


But the men shrouded in prayer shawls do not really exist. They are ephemeral. Angelic. representational of the spirituality that clings to the stones and the music of prayers that have been sung.


Kotel Series:

Can stone be alive? It cannot breathe, it is solid, heavy and does not change.  Yet, the Kotel -  uniquely textured blocks of golden hue -   has stood proudly through the centuries. Every prayer, every story, every emotion that has ever existed has been absorbed by this silent witnesses.  Is the Kotel not a living witness of our nation’s history?


The Western Wall, The Wailing Wall, the Kotel, are all names for the one remaining wall of the Temple Mount. People flock to it to pray, to celebrate, to mourn; To find or strengthen a spiritual connection with God. Through good times and bad, this one wall of strength has been the silent backbone for Jews throughout the centuries.


God has kept this wall alive, connecting Jews to their heritage and home.  Inspired by this -  the Kotel, standing proudly and silently -  appears often throughout the paintings of Jordana Klein.

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