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Pomegranate 1

Pomegranate 1


Pomegranates for the New Year  Oil on Canvas 2007   

SOLD    Original Painting                  Art Prints available on Canvas or Glass  S/M/L


There is a common practice to eat a pomegranate on Rosh Hashanah, as it is a symbol of many Jewish themes.  One reason given by scholars is that its abundant seeds symbolize our hopes that we will come before G‑d with abundant merits.There are also those who say that  the pomegranate is said to have 613 seeds, corresponding to the number of Mitzvot in the Torah. The pomegranate has also long been a symbol of fertility, and thus of the unlimited possibilities for the new year.


The pomegranate has taken on meaning to Jews throughout the year. This pomegranate blooms within the garden, bursting with hope for goodness and beauty.

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