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Noah's Dove 2

Noah's Dove 2


Noah’s Dove 2     Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas 2016    sold         

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The dove came to him toward evening, and  behold, in her beak was a freshly picked olive leaf. So Noah knew that the water was abated form the earth.  Then he waited yet another seven days, and sent out the dove; but she did not return to him again.… Genesis 8:11-12


The dove has left the ark and found a tree upon which to land. The world is silent and newly born. The fragility of of this soft dove nestled in the fragile new leaves of a tree. The rainbow is fading and the time has come to return to land. Softly, slowly and with the wisdom of experience as their guide.



A pivotal moment for the Jewish people, not just running away from slave-hood but running towards something. They will join together at Mount Sinai as a  free nation and receive the holy Bible. In this painting, the viewer is tempted to join our ancestors in this holy trek towards enlightenment.

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