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Jacobs Ladder

  • jordana.klein@gmail.com


    Original Painting        32x40 inch    $5,500


    Fine Art Canvas Prints*

    Small            16x24  inch         $150

    Medium        20x28  inch         $250

    Large            28x40  inch         $300


    *All print sizes are approximated and depend on the exact proportions of the picture   


    FREE SHIPPING With $300 Purchase


    Jerusalem of Joy 2  Acrylic on Canvas  2017

    32x40     $5,500

    The Paintings of Joy series have become a dance as the artist explores Judaism and Jerusalem with elation. Color, size, shape, position reflect emotion and movement. The music playing from David’s Harp flows between the blades of Montefiore’s Windmill as the Torah dances to David’s Psalms,   wrapped together by the glorious walls of Jerusalem.