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Holocaust  Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas 2017

32*40"    Original Painting           Art Prints available S/M/L


They killed 6,000,000. But they did not kill Judaism. Within the ashes, within the walking skeletons, Judaism remained, ready – hoping - to be brought back to life.


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  • The Holocaust lives within every Jew. Many of us visualize it in the black and white of the films chronicled by the Germans throughout the process of dehumanizing and extermination the Jewish People.  To me, seeing the experiences in black and white served to separate myself, living in a technicolor world, from the horrors of the holocaust. For me, color is emotions, so without color I could keep the pain of the holocaust at a distance.


    During the years, I have driven through European cities and countryside in which the Jewish victims lived and died. In the comfort of my air-conditioned car, surrounded by my oved ones, it hit me that less than a century ago it could have been us. In the beautiful fields and forest, the elegant cities, the heat of summer and the cold of winter that for the Jews, what they experienced was in the full color range of tragedy.


    The art is not a story, it is an emotional portrayal of the loss, pain and prayer as I envision it.