From Holocaust to Home

From Holocaust to Home


From Holocaust to Home   Spray Paint on Canvas 

40*40"  Original Painting         Art Prints available S/M/L


I never planned to paint about the Holocaust. Not until my brush hit the canvas. And then I knew that I needed to portray that.

This art is not a story, it is an emotional portrayal of the loss, pain and prayer as I envision it.

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    Fine Art Canvas Prints*

    S       16x24  inch              $150

    M       20x28  inch             $250

    L        28x40  inch             $325


    Original Painting            $5,000


    *All print sizes are approximated and depend on the exact proportions of the picture   


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    The Holocaust lives within every Jew.  Many of us visualize it in the black and white films chronicled by the Germans throughout the process of dehumanizing and exterminating the Jewish People. Seeing the experiences in black and white served to separate me from the horrors of the Holocaust. Without color I could keep the pain of the Holocaust at bay. what the Jews experienced was in the full color range of tragedy, and I needed to portray that.

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