Exodus    Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas  2014 

Approx 20" Original Painting         Art Prints available on canvas S/M/L


In this dramatic painting, sharply defined shapes convey a message of its own. The pyramid, built by the hands of Jewish slaves, stands majestically, as if it is under the impression that it is a king sitting on his throne and overseeing his subjects. But the view has changed, The Jews are being led out of Egypt, towards the world.  And yet the world is not yet round for them, because they never do manage to arrive at their destination – the Holy Land. The oval reminds us, together with the pyramid, that those who were slaves in Egypt  would never live as truly free men. Only their children, those who were born not under slavery, were ready to go home. To get the one part of the globe that will forever be their holiest site.

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    S       16 x 24   inch            $150

    M       25 x 30  inch             $250

    L        30 x 40 inch              $325


    Original Painting        Approx 20  inch    $5,000


    *All print sizes are approximated and depend on the exact proportions of the picture   



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