Paradise in the Garden of Eden

Paradise in the Garden of Eden


Paradise in the Garden of Eden, 2014 Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas  SOLD


With a mystical ambience, Paradise in the Garden of Eden provides a glimpse into the majestic beauty and serenity of a world before sin. The Tree of Life shades playful animals while Adam and Eve exist on both physical and spiritual planes. Hidden within the painting are images seen when one peers beneath the surface, and looks at the world from different angles, alluding to the kabbalitistic concept of PARDES wherein Torah study delves into allegorical meanings, interpretations and metaphysical.


The colors used in the painting are both bright and soft, as the Garden of Eden was full of color and life, while the soft light envelopes the scene in loving kindness. The negative space – the area around the images – fades into the future for us as humans to write the rest of our story.


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