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Burning Bush:  The angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush                 Acrylic on Canvas    2016   

Original Painting Sold              Art Prints available S/M/L


This painting began with a black bush engulfed - , but not destroyed -  in flames. It was God’s way of catching Moses’ attention and proving himself to Moses.  This is one in a series of Burning Bush paintings, but yet has a very different feel and message.


The flames took on a life of their own. The vibrant dancing flames become full of lightness and joy, ready to burst through the canvas edges. In other words, it became the representation of the Jewish people ready to burst out of the darkness of slavery into a world full of joy and energy and knowing no bounds.

Burning Bush

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    M       25 x 25  inch             $250

    L        35 x 45 inch              $325


    Original Painting           SOLD


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